SharePoint Consultancy

My SharePoint consulting takes the “big-business” picture into account and help your company in the user adoption journey. Building a solution in SharePoint framework requires effective strategy that can blend design, information architecture, technology components and business processes to a meaningful use. The overall idea is to help clients make the most of their SharePoint investment.

SharePoint Design & Branding

Uniform corporate identity across the spectrum of web is one of the major focus areas in today’s time. This is where you can choose to stand out in a crowd. This identity or branding, as it is said, has a profound impact on the end users. By branding, you can change the look and feel of your SharePoint site so that it matches your corporate brand. Microsoft SharePoint has the right tools to transform a Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server site into a branded portal site that really enhances the identity of your organization.

Collaborative Intranet

Microsoft SharePoint empowers the brains of organizations with collaborative tools to ensure they have quick and easy access to the appropriate content when they need it, they are not duplicating effort or overwriting others’ work, and they can publish their content easily and with security provisions to ensure only those who should have access either internally or outside the corporate walls gain access to the resource. Information can be acquired from different business units (including geographically dispersed teams) across the entire organization to ensure effective and timely decision-making. Some of the features that can be implemented as part of a collaborative SharePoint Intranet:

  • Project and task management;
  • Business intelligence modules;
  • Document management system;
  • Social boards;
  • Enterprise search engine;
  • Corporate knowledge base;
  • Enterprise content repository and sharing service;

SharePoint migration

The analysis of your SharePoint solution and configuration will be done and it will be provide a clear and reasonable migration plan of your data and users to newer 2013, 2016 servers or SharePoint online. A customer-centric and secure approach based on careful planning will be provided, that will ensure:

  • Uninterrupted business processes;
  • Quick and flexible movement of content without disrupting business users;
  • Retain of all associated metadata, content, files and permissions;
  • Creation of a new architecture to prevent any migration issue;
  • Leveraging of specific SharePoint features for migrated solutions

SharePoint Governance

The correct SharePoint governance implementation assigns responsibilities and access levels to various members of your organization to ensure SharePoint runs smoothly. In short, SharePoint governance determines how SharePoint will run, who will do it and what equipment will be used. Establishing these policies early ensures the system will run in an orderly fashion afterwards. Among other things, a SharePoint governance plan addresses:

  • Individual and group roles and responsibilities;
  • Storage, Locations and Operations;
  • Application Usage;
  • Branding;
  • Configuration and Navigation;
  • Training and Support;

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